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There exists a real opportunity for companies to convert their organic waste or by-products into biofuel, thereby addressing a disposal problem whilst simultaneously producing a source of renewable energy.

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The Scottish Biofuel Programme focuses on the development of next generation biofuel from renewable resources.  We have expertise in a range of sustainable energy technologies.  We offer expertise in biobutanol; bioethanol; biochar; micro- and macro- algae; anaerobic digestion; feedstock analysis and carbon accounting.

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By engaging with us companies can gain a competitive edge by generating new revenue streams, reducing costs, meeting environmental goals and cost-effectively complying with legislation.

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Micro Anaerobic Digestion(AD) Scotland - Circular economy solutions for rural Scotland.

Is there a place for MicroAD in Scotland?

The Scottish Biofuel Programme in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland, Scottish Enterprise and Local Energy Scotland has set out to explore if AD can be commercially viable on a micro scale in Scotland.

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